After playing at a club, jazz musicians gather with their friends and have a jam session called ``AFTER HOURS.''

AFTERHOURS was born when four people, a designer, a patterner, and a fabric developer, came together with the desire to make clothes like a free session.

We propose timeless items based on eclecticism born from the resonance of each background and a commitment to quality through a common language of admiration for pure Japanese products.

A LIVE STOCK type select shop run by stylist Hiroshi Ozawa, with the concept of "3D magazines".

``LIVE STOCK'' is a definition, philosophy, and classification.

The products we find are branded "aged stock", so-called "DEADSTOCK".

Products that have been languishing in the depths of warehouses, never seeing the light of day.

By refocusing, new life is breathed into it and it comes back to life.

In other words, "DEAD" ⇨ "LIVE".

It is a coined word with this meaning, and it also represents hope and ideals.