A LIVE STOCK type select shop run by stylist Hiroshi Ozawa, with the concept of "3D magazines".

``LIVE STOCK'' is a definition, philosophy, and classification.

The products we find are branded "aged stock", so-called "DEADSTOCK".

Products that have been languishing in the depths of warehouses, never seeing the light of day.

Refocusing gives it new life and brings it back to life.

In other words, "DEAD" ⇨ "LIVE".

It is a coined word with this meaning, and it also represents hope and ideals.

Hiroshi Ozawa

Born in 1964 in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

She began her career as an editorial assistant for the magazine "POPEYE" while still in university.

After that, she became independent as a stylist.

Buying domestically and internationally, managing your own brand,

His work spans a wide range of fields, including direction work.

In May 2022, he will open an EDITORIAL STORE in his hometown, Ueda City.