Matsumoto PARCO

As some of you may know, Matsumoto PARCO will close in February 2025, the year after next.

In its last year, the editorial store will open a limited store.

The ``1st Anniversary Special Feature'' held at Shibuya PARCO during this year's Golden Week was an opportunity for us to reach out to you.

It was a great honor for me, and I thought about it for a while, but I really wanted to try it!

Actually, Ueda and Matsumoto are quite far apart and it's not like I go back and forth every day.

In that case, Matsumoto needs someone who I can trust and who I feel like we can run the project in a fun and wonderful way together.

Even after PARCO closes, we have an image of wanting to remain firmly rooted in Matsumoto and continue to open stores there.

To be extreme, I thought about it and thought, ``Matsumoto is such a nice city, I want to take the plunge and move there from Tokyo and open an editorial store together!''

I even think it would be a good idea for people like that to apply.

We would be happy if you could resonate with our philosophy and stance to that extent.

《Job details》

Of course, our main job is selling in stores. But that's not all we're looking for.

In a sense, editorial stores are a special type of business.

The philosophy of "bringing dead stock back to life" = LIVE STOCK . And it has a structure that can be described as "a 3D version of a magazine."

It would be great if there was someone with curiosity and enthusiasm who could do this together.

"Application method"

Please send your resume, work experience, and self-styled photo to the hiring department.