• [My Resume 5] I can't hate the bastard [Part 1]

[My Resume 5] I can't hate the bastard [Part 1]


There was one staff member at TOOLS BAR who I became extremely close with before I knew it.
The name is "Osamu". He's about the same age as me, about 190cm tall, and has noticeable sideburns.
He was born in Morioka and at first glance seems to be the simple-minded person you would expect from a Tohoku person, but when you realize it, he really is a ``people person'' who gets into people's hearts.
Hmmm, of course it was also a ``womanish'' thing...
He was a local celebrity, with a loveable personality and looks that no one in the Nishi-Azabu area knew about, and when we went out together at night, he was approached by all kinds of night people. I'm drinking a vodka tonic next to you.

It's like the uneven duo in a manga, Osamu, who is big and skinny, and me, who is less than an obese child. The two of them, with completely different looks and personalities, roamed the streets every night.
Well, in the end, he was also a ``bastard,'' so he quit working at TOOLS BAR before he knew it (maybe he was fired), and instead of getting a regular job, he started working part-time, and he probably earned money by doing things that were unique to him. . I pretended not to know because it would get complicated if I investigated it too deeply.
But when I look back on my part-time job now, I was doing a lot of different things.
I used to work with Uchida-kun, the current owner of Gentique in Santa Monica, Shibuya, and I also worked at CAMPS (a select and original shop in Shibuya in the late 80's). hair.
Also, I think I had part-time jobs at various clubs as well. It's so sloppy that it's rare to find one, so my memory is hazy, but...

Anyway, this uneven duo played like this at night, or rather, until the sun rose.
In the nostalgic late 80's, Nishiazabu was centered around TOOLS BAR, ``328/Sunnippa'', ``P Picasso'' (later Yellow), and I forget the name, but it was in a multi-tenant building near the McDonald's in front of what is now Roppongi Hills. I went to a gay club (there were people seriously voguing in rubber suits), then I headed to Takagi-cho and went to Club Jamaica, and from there I went to the Taxi Lane, which was in front of the current Coca-Cola headquarters.
There is only a door along the street, and when you open it, there are stairs that go down to the basement, and beyond that, there is a club, or rather a very stylish space.
In other words, normally there is a basement because there is a building, but it is a mysterious space where there is no building and only underground space exists.
After that, it became a club called Bubblin Dub and it became popular there as well.

The photo above was taken on January 22, 1988. Below is 1/23. It's proof that you were playing until late at night.

Ah, one thing you can't forget about Nishiazabu is "Red Shoes."
The space was too adult for us, but the ``spicy yakisoba'' was delicious and we had it for a small amount of money. The ``Inkstick'' series was also very popular, and the stores in Roppongi, Shibuya, Shibaura, and Hako became bigger and bigger. When I think of rice, what comes to mind is the curry at Club Jamaica.
Early in the morning, when we were tired of playing around and didn't have any money, we'd show up at Club Jamaica, which was already closed, and get some Caribbean curry to feed the staff.
This was a reggae club, so the sound system was amazing.
When I was dancing with the speaker on my back, the sound pressure was such that I was almost pushed out. It felt good...

Sorry for the time slip (reflection).
I was planning to write about Osamu's memories, but it turned out to be full of recollections of the night scene at that time. So I'll talk to him next time.