• [My Resume 6] I can't hate the bastard [Part 2]

[My Resume 6] I can't hate the bastard [Part 2]


It may seem like I've been having a crazy time, but my main job is to be the attendant's assistant.
Of course, I worked day and night at the TOOLS office in Hiroo 3-chome and the Magazine House in Higashi Ginza. In between, I would go to clubs in the small amount of time I had.

I don't know anything about the current night scene, but I feel like fashion, culture and music were closer together back then.
I'm not saying that the past was good and the present is bad, so please don't get me wrong.
In other words, I would like to say that in the past there were fewer options and relationships were a little simpler.
DJing is also more like a clothes shop or a hairdresser during the day than a real professional job.
My senior stylists, Mr. Shimazu and Kazu Ijima, used to frequent TOOLS BAR. The friend who appeared in ``My Resume ②'' with whom I worked part-time at a restaurant later became a famous DJ.
Nao Yabe of UFO (United Future Organization).
At that time, we washed the dishes together, but before we knew it, we were following the path we had hoped for, with me becoming the attendant and Yabe-kun becoming Shigekazu Kuwabara's assistant. Life is something you don't know.

Now, let's get back to Osamu.
Things flowed along (there's no one else for whom this word suits me) and before I knew it, I was working at a club in Daikanyama, or Namikibashi.
The name is "Earth Hole".
Is it a hole in the earth or a hole in the ass? Anyway, in terms of the area, it was an unexplored area for clubs, and the space could not be described as popular.
Maybe that's why he continued to work.
Most of the customers were family members, and for us it was a comfortable place.
There were beer vending machines, pinball machines, and ice hockey games, so it felt like family members were playing around with each other.
By 3am, there would be no customers left, so we would close early and go to other clubs. By the way, I would like you to read this with a generous mindset as the statute of limitations has expired now, but back then there were no ID checks at the entrance as there are now, and high school students were also clubbing. However, if you play around too openly, the staff will notice you, so I sometimes saw high school students from the city who were cheating and having fun at night at a restaurant where an acquaintance worked.

``Earth Hole'' also had a group of high school students like that. The younger brother of someone involved in the store was in high school at the time and was hanging out with his classmates.
I naturally became friends with the girls, who were 5 or 6 years younger than me, and we even made an appointment and went out to Gold together.
As expected, high school students couldn't easily enter ``Gold,'' so they let us in by bringing them with us. Out of such a casual relationship, an encounter occurred that would open up a new path in my life, but I will talk about that next time.

No matter how hard I searched through old albums, I couldn't find any photos, so I started doodling. He has bean-shaped sideburns, a Lacoste polo shirt and slacks.

Lastly, the episode of "Osamu".
My girlfriend at the time went on a trip to Jamaica.
Drop her off without asking her which hotel she was staying at and call her suddenly! There was a time when I exchanged all 10,000 yen into 100 yen coins and started calling hotels in Kingston or Montego Bay.
Technically speaking, I was forced to make that phone call (why?).
After many phone calls, I was finally able to connect with the person in question! ! She was surprised and asked, ``What's wrong?'' But when she said, ``I just wanted to hear your voice,'' I fell in love with it. I remember vividly that I was struck by the true essence of humanity. In the end, she was exhausted from the crazy days, and in the end, she summoned her parents from Morioka and was deported.
After that, we met up several times with mysterious phone calls saying, ``I won big at pachinko, so I'm going to Tokyo,'' but now I haven't heard from him at all. It was a very typical end for him.

Hi! So look forward to next time.