• [My resume 14] SUPER STARS in TOKYO [Part 2]

[My resume 14] SUPER STARS in TOKYO [Part 2]


I mentioned in my previous resume that the late 80's was my nightclubbing era.
In a sense, it was also a ``era of frenzy''.
My part-time friend became a world-famous DJ, I continued to play even after the sun rose, and in the end, I ended up treating the staff to food (shame).
But I wasn't just playing around like an idiot without realizing it.
Or rather, a genre that explores and researches nightlife in an academic manner was emerging.
Ada-kun was the same age as me and worked as a freelance editor for Magazine House. He was also in the same situation as me, working as an editor while still a university student.
Although we were different types, we somehow got along well, and sometimes we'd meet up at Magazine House and go straight out into the night.
He was enrolled at Nichigei, Nihon University College of Art.
I don't know what it is like now, but a lot of things had changed back then.
Ada-kun was a typical example of that.
However, since it is a school, the presence of the teacher is very important in the development of character.
He was no exception, and the teachers he studied with were all different.
I think Dr. T was connected to an American psychologist named Timothy Leary, and he was involved in LSD and things like that.
In his later years, he was a scholar who proclaimed that ``computers are the modern LSD'' and devoted himself to technological development.
Influenced by this idea, Mr. T was trying to introduce a system that could not be explained in words alone, by introducing a machine that could legally change one's personality at the club.

It's a machine called the Synchro Energizer.
I lay on my bed wearing headphones and goggles, synchronizing psychedelic images with strange sounds that can't even be called dance music, and I end up tripping...hmm, that doesn't even explain it.
It was a suspicious system that seemed to be a mix of current VR technology and techno-hippieism.
The machine was placed in the VIP room of a club in Higashiazabu called "J TRIP BAR ENDMAX." Mr. T was supervising there, so Ada-kun and I often went there.

Finally, talking about superstars, an amazing DJ from New York came to Japan and was going to perform at a club there, and Ada-kun asked me to style him.
That was in 1990. The DJ was Larry Levan, a resident DJ at Paradise Garage, a club that represented the New York night scene in the 1980s.
Nowadays, when we think of Paradise Garage, we can understand how much of a god Larry Levan was at the sacred place where garage was born, but at the time, I thought that if the music was loud and had a pleasant BPM, that was enough for me. Since I was the type of person who was out of place, I didn't realize how amazing I was styling someone.
At that time, the person's request was, ``I want to wear Earthtone Borage.''
Apparently, the reason was that he wanted to wear it because it was Miles Davis's favorite brand.
Earthtonborage is a brand created by Takanobu Sato, and is popular among musicians and artists, with Shonen-tai also using it as stage costumes.
To be honest, it was completely different from my taste and it was my first time going to a lease.
What's more, the press didn't even know about Larry, so I remember having a hard time renting it.
I'm currently listening to his live performance at Paradise Garage while writing this manuscript, and it feels strange to think that he was experiencing this sound and groove at the venue.

Well, have I written all about my ``age of frenzy'' yet?
I'll try to remember a little more. Look forward to next time.