• [My Resume 19] What is your title?

[My Resume 19] What is your title?


Numerouno has become more and more popular with each passing season.
In "Resume 11", I mentioned the brand "Coffee and Milk" with BEAMS Kubo, but Kubo later said, "C&M would not have been possible if Ozawa-kun had not experienced making clothes at Numerouno. ” he said.
You can't make clothes if you're just a stylist.
So, I think it was around 2010 that derivative brands including C&M expanded and I gradually started to lose track of my scope.
I worked as a magazine stylist, ran a brand, created catalogs for select shops, and before I knew it, my business cards had two titles on them: ``stylist'' and ``fashion director.''

Now, as I write this manuscript, I feel ashamed of myself and think, ``What an amazing person.''
What exactly is a fashion director?
A true fashion director is a title reserved for people who are in charge of the creative work of top overseas brands, which are on a much higher stage.
Well, there's no point in writing about that, so I'll tell you a little more about that time.

In 2011, we will start a women's brand ``Intimate Diary''.

The reason why I choose women's clothing is because the women who come to the Numerouno exhibition are placing individual orders one after another, and they all say, ``I wish I had women's items.''

Maybe the certain kind of femininity that I have in my fashion drawer, or rather the charm that exudes from my collection (don't say it yourself! I'm going to throw in a tsukkomi), resonated with them.

But the women's race was difficult until the end.

The fashion cycle for men is completely different from that for men, and I can't wear it myself, so I feel like I didn't go the extra mile.

However, in this day and age, ``genderless'' and ``unisex'' have become commonplace, so I have experienced firsthand that I have had this feeling for over 10 years. hey.

This is going away from the actual topic of making clothes, but I like naming things.
Things like brand names and catchphrases.
Intimate Diary means ``secret diary,'' and the brand name was born from the image of women writing down various things they want to keep locked away in a locked diary.
Leaving aside the contents of the collection, I really like the name.
I don't think anyone else knows this, but for a time MIW ran a women's store, and the name of the store was ``BABY GAME'', which was inspired by the girly feel typical of that generation of artists such as Sofia Coppola and X-Girls. Although it is a store name, I think it is also excellent.

I also named Supreme's Japanese operating company ``One Gram''.
When Omura (until recently the president of Supreme) had just become independent, he was asked to come up with a name, and he said, ``It's only one person independent, but it's the smallest, weighing just one gram, but it's still heavy.'' We chose the company name to express this meaning. I'm glad that Omura liked it too.

As I write this, I wonder what the title actually is? That's what you think.
Nowadays, things like multitasking and side jobs are increasingly encouraged, so it may not be right to focus on titles anymore.
But when I introduce myself to someone I meet for the first time, I feel proud to be able to introduce myself as ``I'm Ozawa, a stylist.''
I wonder what it will be called when I open a shop next time.
I want my EDISTORIAL STORE to be a store unique to stylists, so I want it to be a store where people can say, ``I'm Ozawa, the stylist.''

Well, I feel like I've almost finished writing the resume series.
Please stay with me for a little while longer.