• [My Resume 20] There used to be a brand called EDITORIAL (Final episode)

[My Resume 20] There used to be a brand called EDITORIAL (Final episode)


This blog started with the intention of talking about the shop "EDITORIAL STORE" that is scheduled to open in my hometown, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, but I started writing it as a self-introduction for readers who don't know me. ”.
Before I knew it, I was walking on my own and talking a lot.
I feel like I've said almost everything, and in the meantime, I've been interviewed by Houyhnhnms itself about how the shop came to be, and I've had it featured in industry newspapers, so the full story is slowly coming to light.
So, in the recent past, I would like to talk about my brand, ``EDITORIAL,'' which was a big impetus for me to start my own shop.
As you know, as a stylist who has been exposed to a variety of clothes, and who also founded a store called MADE IN WORLD and worked on brands such as Numero Uno and Coffee and Milk, I have always wondered, "What is fashion? What is clothing?" I have been thinking about this fundamental problem. It is clear that fashion is a deep and mysterious thing that encompasses all tastes, all items, and styles, and there is no wrong answer.
But if that's the case, then if everything is correct, there's no need for fashion magazines or store clerks' recommendations.If there's no answer, or standard, somewhere, then there's no need for us as stylists in the first place. It becomes.

The brand I created in 2016 with a strong desire to express my own correct answer is "OZAWAHIROSHI EDITORIAL."
The brand name is a coined word that combines the words "editorial" and "story," combining two elements that are essential to my image of an ideal stylist into one word.
Well, I had a professional copywriter (American) create this word.
I've been thinking of names for so many different stores, companies, and brands, and I'm still impressed that this idea came from a professional, a native speaker.
I'm really glad I ordered the job and I just love it.
So, what is my correct answer? One thing is that it is very personal. The other thing is no limit.
This is a brand that was created with that in mind.

Number one, be personal.
In other words, don't market.
``What kind of clothes are popular now?'' ``How much does this item cost?'' ``What color? What shape?'' What kind of things have I continued to wear that have made my heart dance?'' I continued to dive deep into my heart and find my core.
Part 2, No Limit.
This is because we pursued original methods without compromising on the manufacturing, materials, and sales methods.
Developed 100% cashmere melton material to make coats.
Find Kasuri fabric from the early Showa period, rearrange the colors, and have it rewoven.
We went into the business format of thinking about why it is necessary to hold an exhibition once every six months, and decided to hold an exhibition once a year.
The sales method was also a no-limit operation, such as selling the same items every year while adding new colors.
In addition, they attached garment bags developed with Porter to heavy clothing such as jackets and coats, and created fragrances to hang in closets (of course, the scents were original too), making it truly a no-limits brand.
So is the price.
Prices range from coats of 600,000 yen, tuxedos of 540,000 yen, and blouson of 270,000 yen to surpassing current luxury brands.
This is also a no limit.

In addition to the 8-item collection, we asked Setsumasa Kobayashi of ``...RESEARCH'' to remake a pair of shoes for styling purposes.

Look closely at the feet in the photo above. British brand Grenson's wingtips are fitted with motorcycle shoe protectors, and the parts and soles are painted white to create a pair of shoes that are truly terrifying. In addition to this, there is a lineup of shoes that is comparable to these, and will shine on your feet.

Also, at first glance, the shirt in the photo above looks like a dress shirt with a scarf wrapped around it, but that's not the case.
It's a one-off item that combines a vintage Charbe shirt with a vintage Hermes scarf.
I also made the one pictured below with different variations. I was just a crazy idiot who went beyond the limit and flew to Paris to buy it.

Those of you who have read this far will probably already know this.
"How much are you spending?" I think so too.
But at that time, I really wanted to give form to what I wanted to do.
Maybe people would become interested in this kind of approach and way of thinking, and this brand would get off the ground...but it was all just a selfish and naive idea.
The brand lasted less than two years.
All I ended up with was a huge setback and an empty bank account.

Well, to be more precise, the wonderful clothes from EDITORIAL (some of which I sold) and the new experiences I gained from the setbacks remained.
These clothes will be displayed at the EDITORIAL STORE in Ueda.
Please come and see it then.

I even advertised it.
This concludes the ``My Resume'' series, and next year's blog will finally move on to the future.
In this blog, I will introduce you to what kind of store it will be and what kind of clothes will be stocked.
Thank you very much for reading this long article.