• [2G]×Javier Calleja | RUBBER KEY CHARM
  • [2G]×Javier Calleja | RUBBER KEY CHARM
  • [2G]×Javier Calleja | RUBBER KEY CHARM

[2G]×Javier Calleja | RUBBER KEY CHARM


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Artist based in select shop 2G and Malaga, Spain Collaboration item with Javier Calleja . It features a character holding a placard with the words "NO ART HERE" on display at the solo exhibition, and a character with large eyes from one of Javier's most representative works.

◆Javier Calleja

Born in Malaga, Spain in 1971. Calleja's works are full of tricks that add surprise and humor to everyday life events. Calleja, who professes to be a fan of the works of surrealist masters René Magrid, Yoshitomo Nara, and Chris Johansson, uses their methods as reference to paint portraits of us living in modern times with wide eyes. Changes in color, changes in setting scenes, and the relationship between facial expressions and text are points that Calleja handles with particular care. Another trap that Calleja sets is to set up a story that the viewer will automatically read based on the image of the person emphasized through characterization and the correlation with the text depicted in the painting.



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