• [Rebuild by Needles]

[Rebuild by Needles]


Keizo Shimizu, the representative of Nepenthes and the designer of Needles, always looks around at local second-hand clothing stores and surplus stores when he goes on business trips overseas. Rebuild by Needles was born because we thought it would be a shame to leave old clothing that had become outdated, with unique materials and details.

``Even though I say remake, it feels like it's being reborn into a new existence by incorporating techniques that use machines unique to sewing factories, and by combining many items to create one garment.That's why the brand name is. "It's not a remake, it's a rebuild," said Shimizu. The brand's items, which are attractive for surprises and discoveries beyond expectations when finished, are developed into a one-and-only collection, each with a different personality.

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