• [My resume 2] “BC Mr MITOMO”

[My resume 2] “BC Mr MITOMO”


When I say I want to work at Popeye, to be more precise, I want to work with this person! It was a strong desire.

That person is Hidehiko Mokuto.

She was a stylist, editor, writer, and model, so from my perspective, she was like a superstar. The Popeye in this photo is from an issue from around 1980 when I was in high school, and I was fascinated by the attendant who even appeared on the cover. Of course, a college student from such a rural area doesn't have any connections. I had the option of sending my resume to the editorial department, but I had very little confidence that I would be hired by the star-studded Popeye.

By the way, at the time I was working part-time, as an opening staff member at the seafood restaurant ``Mambo's'' in Omotesando. The producer is Daisuke Okada. A fixer of the night scene and the owner of restaurants that decorate Tokyo's nights, such as ``Dainy's Table,'' ``Brasserie D,'' and ``Club D.'' Just being able to work at a restaurant run by someone I've seen at Popeye and Brutus gave me a sense of elation, as if I was one step closer to the heart of the city. Perhaps because of this misunderstanding and overconfidence, I gradually began to develop relationships with many different people. My desire to meet Gotoku grew day by day, and I relied on the connections of various people with just my bravado and energy, and one day, it was like all the holes in a bingo game were opened at once, and I met Gotoku. I had an opportunity to meet.

To be honest, I don't remember much about that moment, but the only thing that remains is that I handed over my hand-drawn business card. It's just a piece of paper with a crappy illustration and a name and contact information on it. When I look back on it now, I feel embarrassed and wonder what a lame thing I did. But, of course, there was no chance that the attendant would contact me. That's true, because there would have been 50,000 people who wanted to work for Popeye's fashion editor, not just a metaphor, and if the top person was the Japanese record holder, then I would be someone who lost in the finals of a regional tournament. Because there was a huge difference.

However, in an event that still makes me think that there really is such a thing as destiny or the strength of pull, I became an assistant to the attendant, but I will talk about that next time. Masu.