• [My resume 3] “AD Mr MITOMO”

[My resume 3] “AD Mr MITOMO”


Several months had passed since my miraculous encounter with the attendant, and just as I was about to run out of energy and excitement, that day suddenly arrived. I'm on vacation from my part-time job, no school, and no commitments to friends. In the evening, I was sitting in my apartment, not doing anything, when the phone suddenly rang.

``It's Mitomo!'' The caller kept saying this in his unique loud voice and phrasing (a phrase that everyone who knew him could imitate). ``Are you free tomorrow?'' There's only one answer, whether it's free or not. I replied in a hoarse voice, "...Hi!" and wrote down the address, my head racing with excitement. And the next day. This day was the 1st anniversary party of the creative office "TOOLS" to which Mr. Miku belongs. I was asked to help with that.

On the 3rd floor of a deformed building on Hiroo 3-chome, you will find the office of the person you admire. But I don't have time to get excited. Busy with preparing to entertain guests, the small office was quickly filled with all-stars who had only been seen at Popeye. I don't remember how I behaved for the next few hours, but before I knew it, everyone's excitement was at its peak and we moved on to the after-party and headed to TOOLS BAR. It was a club located underground near the Nishiazabu intersection. I also knew the name, but there's no way I've ever been there. It's hard to compare, but today it was as difficult as a young man on his first overseas trip to infiltrate a super underground club in New York.

To explain here, the attendant is a freelancer at Popeye. While I was involved in editing each issue, I was also working on other jobs. The unit that was formed there was the Tools. Mr. Goto, Mr. Kondo, and Mr. Scott were active not only in fashion but also in various genres, but their main job was managing Tool's Bar in Nishiazabu. It was only natural that the after-party would follow.

I could never stop writing about these stories, but when I look back, I realize that if I hadn't been in the room working part-time the day I got the phone call, I wouldn't be where I am today. I feel that strongly. Needless to say, this was the era of landline telephones. When I read interviews with famous people, they often say, ``I was lucky,'' but I get the feeling that they are thinking that from the bottom of their hearts, and are not being humble at all. I have never asked the attendant who is no longer in this world, but he said, ``Why did you call me back then?'' I'm sure there were plenty of young people around who wanted to help.

The photo above is a mook book called "POPEYE OB CLUB" published in 1988. The person in the front row, fourth from the right, is scratching his head. I'm sure some of the people pictured here were at that 1st anniversary party.

My encounter with Gokusan made me who I am today, and it served as my gateway to becoming deeply involved in the night scene and club culture. I'd like to look back on my heyday of nightlife, but I'll leave that for next time.